Monday, August 18, 2008


No Live Football on TV

In Indonesia fans are having to go without seeing their favourite teams in the Premier League. The reason? Because of cack handeness and the Olympics!

Apparently, with little fan fair or advance publicity some new satelitte operator has bought the rights to show the Premier League but they have limited array of channels, 14, and four of them are being used for the Beijing crap.

So when that stuff finishes then fans can get their weekly dose. All they have to do is sign up with the new operator. And buy another decoder, another dish.

Just like they did 12 months back!

I'm a firm believer in the free market. At it's heart the customer decides what they want to buy. The Premier League is expensive and people who buy the rights should see a return on their investment.

At the moment I have two satelitte dishes in my back garden. This new company, bereft of marketing savvy at the moment would obviously like me to add a third.

Well, it ain't gonna happen.

The cost isn't the issue here. It works out about 12 USD a month. No. I, and many others, are fed up with being yanked around like this. We've been there before.

12 months back we went through the same shit and I succumbed. I bought the new package. And it has lasted 12 months!

Now they want me to buy a new package and I just can't be arsed. No one tells me they're changing supplier. No one tells me shit. They just wanna yank my leash and I roll over and give them the money.

Bollocks to that. I don't value the product highly enough. The Premier League is boring apart from my own team. I just can't be arsed to contact the new company, arrange for them to install, have them instal, go through the whole damned learning curve again. I have other things to do.

I lose nothing. I can see the games on the net, I can go to the pub. I can learn Serbo Croat or Madurese.

The people who lose out will be the Premier League. Football is a mass spectator sport. In Indonesia there is no pub culture, if people can't watch it in the convenience of their own home well they won't watch it and not worry too much about it. Plenty of highlights being shown.

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