Sunday, September 7, 2008


Send Her Victorious

I gave up on the England national team a long time back. I can't remember the last time I bothered waking up early to watch them. They're crap and have been for years.

However I decided to have a look see at the Andorra game and ...well, nothing has changed. Apart from the shirt which looks awful but still has punters paying 40 notes for it.

But when you have 'seasoned' pros who can't pass the frigging ball, can't control the damned thing. And those crosses? When you have two 'wide' players but never go to the by line, just give up lads. 100 grand a week and you produce pants like this week in, week out.

I don't doubt that after the game some of the players, upset that people can actually have the temerity to come out and boo them, will say they are scared to perform for England. Then don't. Retire. See if I care. After the dross they turn out year after year they are lucky anybody wants to go see them at all.

The likes of Terry, Lampard and co. They ain't the solution, they're the problem. I don't have a solution much beyond turning over and watching Japan play Bahrain. Well, I do have a solution. Withdraw from international competition for 10 years. Put Arsene Wenger in charge of an national academy where kids start learning the game from the age of 12.

Oh sorry, I forgot. We don't have a national academy. We have dads on the touchline living out their Greavise fantasy by yelling 'welly it son.'

The English love football. We just don't understand it.

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