Friday, October 23, 2009


Exclusive! The FA's Fit & Proper Test Revealed

FA - Good morning Sheikh Ya Money Bin Drinkin. Obviously now you wish to take over this football club we will need to ask you a few questions. We’re sure you’ll understand.

Money man – no problem

FA – that’s fine. The first question Sheikh is how much money do you have?

Money man – a lot.

FA – I’m sorry, we really need far more detail than that. You must realize Sheikh that we have a very inquisitive press in our country and we owe it to our fans to make sure you are indeed the man for this club.

Money man – of course, I understand

FA – so how much money do you have sir?

Money man – a very lot

FA – great that’s wonderful. OK, second question. What do you do exactly?

Money man – I have many businesses

FA – we’re sure you do but can you be more precise?

Money man – I’m very busy with

FA – marvelous. This really is most splendid, you tick all the right boxes. Just one last question before we’re finished. Are you or have you ever been involved in any illegal activities? Drugs? People smuggling? Murder? That sort of thing?

Money man – no, never

FA – I’m sorry, we’re going to have to ask you to prove you haven’t.

Money man – I promise

FA – that would do nicely. Well, everything is in order, congratulations Sheikh Ya Money Bin Drinkin you now own your very own English football club.

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